Commercial Rosin Presses Currently Available!

When looking for commercial rosin presses their are a limited amount available on the market. The heat extraction technique that works by using a typical heat pressing iron, along with other flat heat press mechanism, to “press” out your terpene and cannabinoid rich resin from your cured flower or hash. Is something of the future!

This method happens near immediately and needs hardly any professional understanding the field of botanical extractions. Rosin Tech necessitates nothing but a standard iron that heats up, some parchment paper, and either flower or hash. The advantage of making use of this technique with hash is that it will generate a full melt with a comparable yield. So in instances where you’ve got less than 5gs Hash, this will approach can modify your inferior product into a 5-6* full melt.

Commercial rosin press uses heat to melt the glandular domes within the trichomes from the base material. This resin rich sap will then reconstitute on the parchment paper, prepared for collection. After scraping the parchment paper, the thoroughly clean waxy residue accumulated is going to be clean and prepared to dab.

The Best Commercial Rosin Press

Even though there is a substantial amount of commercial made rosin presses we decide to give a detailed review on which are the best right now!

1. LilSmasher – Commercial Rosin Press

Plug, play and press instantly by using the NugSmasher. This press is flat out amazing! Its small for the size but super heavy duty!!

It includes 6500 PSI (*That’s 6500 lbs of pressure per sq . inch!) Is also built from solid steel using dual heated elements. This commercial rosin press gets the job done and is pretty good for it’s small size.

  • Temperature Control
  • 6500 PSI
  • Circuit protection
  • Dual Heating Plates

1. TTH Precision Series Hydraulic Rosin Press

Trippy Hippy knows what their doing and probably produce some of the very best Rosin Presses that are currently available right now!

The digital temperature and timer control on this thing make it easy to squish some top quality concentrate hash oil without any effort at all.

This machine even has an emergency list just in case things get heated! Here’s is some of the other features:

  • Heat Press Style: Pneumatic
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius degree measure
  • Temperature Range: 0° – 482º F
  • Micro-processor precision heat
  • Independently Controlled Dual Heating Plates

2.Electric Honey Hobit Pneumatic Rosin Press W/ Dual Use

The Honey Hobit Commercial Rosin Press works more effectively than one would expect. It’s quite simple to use, both the enail and the press.

The enail heats up in less than a minute(to 690), the press takes a bit more time to get to other  temps(takes a minute or so and a half to get to 300). I strongly suggest this product for probably one of the cheapest prices you will find for any Rosin Press currently available.


  • 1500 PSI
  • Electrical power with micro air pump
  • Built-in spare fuse(next to power plug input)
  • Dual heated plates(L*W*H:60mm*60mm*12mm)

3. TTH Platinum Series Electric Hydraulic Rosin Press

Out of all the Rosin Press Reviews we have you can tell many favor pneumatic presses over hydraulic. Pressurized air seems to way more consistent in having greater yields.

But don’t think for one second their aren’t any hydraulic presses that are actually effective because the TTH Platinum series is just that. When using this there is no need for a compressor to keep it running effectively, the dual heated plates add the ideal heat! Trippy Hippy does a great job with the rosin presses as all of them have automatic timers which allow you to press and forget until your oil is ready.


  • Digital Temperature Control
  • 5″ x 5″ Non-Stick Coated Dual Heat Plates
  • Heat Press Style: Electric Hydraulic
  • Voltage: 110V-120V