Cheap Rosin Press For Sale

Rosin presses are the future because of their simple and straightforward process that they introduce to those looking to venture away from the chemical indued bho. With all the risks and cautions one can experience when making hash oil, theirs no question the rosin press is here to stay!

A lot of people are beginning to see the pros that rosin presses provide the user. Simple and easy, that’s all one can ask for right? Well with simple and easy you get pricey most of the time and that’s no different with all of the rosin presses available on the market today… THEIR EXPENSIVE!!!!!

Well you’ve come to the right place if your looking to find the quality made rosin presses that are a little cheaper but yet still effective. Here are some of the cheap rosin presses for sale:

TTH Platinum Series Electric Hydraulic Cheap Rosin Press For Sale

Out of all the Rosin Press Reviews we have you can tell many favor pneumatic presses over hydraulic. Pressurized air seems to way more consistent in having greater yields.

But don’t think for one second their aren’t any hydraulic presses that are actually effective because the TTH Platinum series is just that. When using this there is no need for a compressor to keep it running effectively, the dual heated plates add the ideal heat! Trippy Hippy does a great job with the rosin presses as all of them have automatic timers which allow you to press and forget until your oil is ready.


  • Digital Temperature Control
  • 5″ x 5″ Non-Stick Coated Dual Heat Plates
  • Heat Press Style: Electric Hydraulic
  • Voltage: 110V-120V

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Tarik Rosin Press

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Probably the cheapest rosin press you will find! Although it doesn’t yield much as the others that are around $300 – $500 it still gets the job done for people that’s not looking for a tremendous amount of oil. One of things that distinguishes it from other presses is you actually have to manually press done on the plate for a couple of seconds just to get half of a gram, but what could you expect for something under $200?? If your looking for the cheapest option then this press might just be for you!


  • Quick heat time
  • Great travel size
  • Cheap compared to other rosin presses
  • Easy to use temperature controls

Electric Honey Hobit Pneumatic Rosin Press W/ Dual Use

The Honey Hobit Pneumatic Rosin Press works more effectively than one would expect. It’s quite simple to use, both the enail and the press. The enail heats up in less than a minute(to 690), the press takes a bit more time to get to other  temps(takes a minute or so and a half to get to 300). I strongly suggest this product for probably one of the cheapest prices you will find for any Rosin Press currently available.

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  • 1500 PSI
  • Electrical power with micro air pump
  • Built-in spare fuse(next to power plug input)
  • Dual heated plates(L*W*H:60mm*60mm*12mm)