Here’s The Best Rosin Press Under $1000!!!!

Finding a cheaper commercial rosin press machine is a hard task for those looking for a quality made product. Is finding a rosin press under $1000 even possible? Simple answer, yes! We even wrote a review a couple months ago about the best rosin presses under $500! We received a lot of great feedback from those who didn’t even think one could find a heat press so cheap.

So there’s a couple great quality rosin press machines out there that have made some noise and we’re going to explain the features some of these rosin presses under $1000. With that being said here they are:

1. Little Smasher Rosin Press Review

This is a crowd favorite, because of it’s cheap rosin press price! It’s pressure to plate size ratio is fantastic. operation is not difficult at all which makes it a breeze when extracting.
Another thing many enjoy about this little BEAST is the entire heat press seems very solidly built.
The heat controller appears to hold the temps very steady.
Many concerns that many have is, the pumping lever fails at one point making it hard to manually press.

Well that’s not the case, as soon you learn to release the plates just enough so you don’t need to pump the constantly each and every time. Regardless the pump is extremely easy and it requires hardly any effort to fully compress.
The picture makes it look much, much bigger. But you will find out that¬† It’s the size of a standard kitchen appliance! You will be pleasantly surprised if you decide to purchase this rosin press machine.

The only real complaint I hear about this small rosin press is that it comes with hardly any instructions.

Here’s is some of the other features:

  • Made out of solid steal
  • Large 3.5 x 4 smash plates
  • Temperature Control
  • Dual heating elements 300W

2. Mini Nug Smasher Heat Press

The smallest yet most effective rosin press that isn’t humongous! When looking for the best rosin press under $1000 or $500 then this here is as good as you can get for cheap. It does the job and the yields are great for the reason that the 2 ton heat plates are 2.5 inch, which isn’t that small.

If your looking for personal use this is your baby which is great use for up to 8 grams, but for commercial use I would go with the Little Smasher.

Some other features:

  • Made out of solid steal
  • Temperature Control
  • Dual heating elements 70W


3. Pneumatic Rosin Heat Press Dab Machine

This easy operated rosin press machine is a awesome machine, and an even better value. Great documentation, which most rosin press manufactures fail to add, as well as excellent communication from support, and high quality controls.

Looking for a cheap and useful rosin press? Well this is another great quality made press to add to the collection! Some of the features are as listed below:

  • Two Individual Temperature Controllers
  • ¬†Safety Two Hand Control Switches
  • Dual 3″ x 4″ Element Heating Plates w/ Protective Stainless Steel Cover for Heat Insulation
  • Easy Maintenance by Modular Design

Conclusion On The Best Rosin Press Under 1000