Welcome to Rosin Press Guru! We Have some of the most in-depth rosin press reviews for those interested in the new phenomenon of cannabis oil extraction in a simple fashion. Some may ask what exactly is a Rosin Press Machine? Well..

Rosin Press dab-making is evolving the hash world. Even though they’ll always be a spot for squishing within a strict budget, people who take the hobby of producing rosin hash significantly have moved to using extremely calibrated presses. These machines professionally extract marijuana’s essential oils, resulting in a solventless, dabbable hash which can contend with most concentrates on the current market.

The machine is a pneumatic press that utilizes smaller heated plates along side cooling plates to persistently acquire a premium quality product. When using the Rosin Press you also use exclusively created “tea bag” filters when pressing, which help split plant material from the extracted oil, leading to cleaner dabs.

Check Our Best Rosin Press Reviews 2017

Right now when it comes to rosin presses available on the market, there’s very few available that will give a quality yield above 10%. Having the blessing to try out many of the presses on the market we’ve come to the conclusion that Rosin Technology, Sasquach, TrippyHippy, and Gorosin all have solid products in the $300 – $3,000 price range, but those are just known manufactures. There are many other upcoming that are actually pretty good in the high percentage yields they provide.

With that being said here are our current favorite Rosin Presses of 2017!

1. Little Smasher Rosin Press Review

This is a crowd favorite! It’s pressure to plate size ratio is fantastic. operation is not difficult at all which makes it a breeze when extracting.
Another thing many enjoy about this little BEAST is the entire heat press seems very solidly built.
The heat controller appears to hold the temps very steady.
Many concerns that many have is, the pumping lever fails at one point making it hard to manually press.

Well that’s not the case, as soon you learn to release the plates just enough so you don’t need to pump the constantly each and every time. Regardless the pump is extremely easy and it requires hardly any effort to fully compress.
The picture makes it look much, much bigger. But you will find out that  It’s the size of a standard kitchen appliance! You will be pleasantly surprised if you decide to purchase this rosin press machine.

The only real complaint I hear about this small rosin press is that it comes with hardly any instructions.

Here’s is some of the other features:

  • Made out of solid steal
  • Large 3.5 x 4 smash plates
  • Temperature Control
  • Dual heating elements 300W


2.Electric Honey Hobit Pneumatic Rosin Press W/ Dual Use

The Honey Hobit Pneumatic Rosin Press works more effectively than one would expect. It’s quite simple to use, both the enail and the press. The enail heats up in less than a minute(to 690), the press takes a bit more time to get to other  temps(takes a minute or so and a half to get to 300). I strongly suggest this product for probably one of the cheapest prices you will find for any Rosin Press currently available.


  • 1500 PSI
  • Electrical power with micro air pump
  • Built-in spare fuse(next to power plug input)
  • Dual heated plates(L*W*H:60mm*60mm*12mm)

3. TTH Precision Series Hydraulic Rosin Press

Trippy Hippy knows what their doing and probably produce some of the very best Rosin Presses that are currently available right now! The digital temperature and timer control on this thing make it easy to squish some top quality concentrate hash oil without any effort at all.

This machine even has an emergency list just in case things get heated! Here’s is some of the other features:

  • Heat Press Style: Pneumatic
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius degree measure
  • Temperature Range: 0° – 482º F
  • Micro-processor precision heat
  • Independently Controlled Dual Heating Plates

4. TTH Platinum Series Electric Hydraulic Rosin Press

Out of all the Rosin Press Reviews we have you can tell many favor pneumatic presses over hydraulic. Pressurized air seems to way more consistent in having greater yields.

But don’t think for one second their aren’t any hydraulic presses that are actually effective because the TTH Platinum series is just that. When using this there is no need for a compressor to keep it running effectively, the dual heated plates add the ideal heat! Trippy Hippy does a great job with the rosin presses as all of them have automatic timers which allow you to press and forget until your oil is ready.


  • Digital Temperature Control
  • 5″ x 5″ Non-Stick Coated Dual Heat Plates
  • Heat Press Style: Electric Hydraulic
  • Voltage: 110V-120V